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5 activities you can do with your kids during the Corona virus quarantine.

Looking for cool activities to entertain kids and get through the next few weeks? With schools unexpectedly closed due to the coronavirus, there are many hours to fill. Here are some activities you can do with supplies from your kitchen or pantry.

1. Forky Knifey Family

“Trash?” That single line says so much.

Like many fans who saw “Toy Story 4,” we rushed home and tore through our maker bins to find the supplies we needed to recreate Forky and Knifey. Between our craft supplies and the kitchen junk drawer, we built Forky (why isn’t he called Sporky?) and his new friend Knifey. We had so much fun laughing while putting them together, it seemed a great idea to share.

2. Mad Scientist Color Wheel

Pre-K kids will have fun learning about colors with this STEAM project. They will love watching the Mad Scientist Color Wheel draw from primary colors — red, blue and yellow — to create secondary colors of orange, green and purple. The bent wicks between each glass give a sense of a laboratory setting, adding to the cool factor. Little ones will love doing all the steps themselves.

4. Balloon-Powered Racers

These Balloon-Powered Racers score big with our handy maker kids. They’re fun to build and cool to race in competition with friends. This STEM activity is a simple way to illustrate Newton’s Third Law of Motion: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. When the pressured air escapes from the balloon, the opposite reaction sends the race car flying across the floor. It’s not

very different from the science that NASA uses to send rockets into outer space.

5. Bubble Prints

This activity combines a kid’s love of blowing bubbles with a creative edge. These bright Bubble Prints will look great tacked onto the refrigerator. Once they are dry, use them as stationary for a note to Grandma. They can also make a cool background for an outer-space illustration or under-the-sea drawing.

Credit to By SALLY QUINN

KIDSBURGH.ORG. Thank you for the resource.

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