How About That…Buford Fish Hatchery

Buford Fish Hatchery
3204 Trout Place Rd.
Cumming, GA 30041 0b7e6f3c-3ae9-4bb7-b358-262096df0f06
Open 7 days a week
7:30 am - 4:30 pm. 
Guided tour offered on Saturday's at 1pm.

Located in the Chattahoochee River Club off Highway 20 across the street from the Windemere entrance.
IMG_2419 Looking for a local place to fish?  The Buford Fish Hatchery is a great, family friendly alternative to a trout farm or the lake.  The Fish Hatchery is run by the Georgia Dept of Natural Resources and is free to all visitors.  There are two things you’ll enjoy at The Fish Hatchery.  Everyone will enjoy the hatchery raceway where they raise over 500,000 trout annually to release in Gerogia lakes, streams and rivers.  One of the best parts of the visit  is the hatchery provides fish feed for visitors to give to the trout.  This is pretty cool (whether you are an adult or a child)  seeing the fish swarm around the feed that is thrown to them.
For the budding fisherman, there is a pond on site that is located at the end of a short nature walk.  The pond is stocked with bass, bluegill and carp for catch and release fishing.  The hatchery provides cane fishing poles (yea, like Tom Sawyer) and you need to provide the bait (bread or hot dogs work well).  You can also bring your own fishing tackle.  Hope we “hooked” you on visiting this fun little known jewel here in Cumming!